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Our work with government leaders has resulted in dramatic improvements in the lives of millions of poor people in the areas of access to health services, education, and electricity.

Yet too many people still live in absolute poverty, and too many countries lack the institutional capacity and resilience to transform their situation and the lives of their people. Despite living in a period of unprecedented wealth and potential, for almost a billion men, women, and children, there is still no promise of a job to call their own, a roof over their heads, food on their tables, or basic healthcare and education. 

Our work focuses on the centre of government and is shaped by national priorities. It includes economic development and inclusive growth, job creation, modernising infrastructure, public service reforms, and government innovations. 

Effective Government

Our work includes delivering new infrastructure, which is essential to economic development and poverty reduction. 

We work with governments and leaders of fragile, developing, and emerging states to enhance their effectiveness. For those countries in the midst of vital transitions, effective government will be a key factor in determining success or failure. We support this by working shoulder to shoulder with our partner governments in pursuit of economic development that drives poverty reduction, and improves lives. 

The Institute’s work on effective governance is born from the work formerly undertaken by the Africa Governance Initiative and Tony Blair Associates – Government Advisory from 2008 until 2017. In the last decade, we have worked in 20 countries across the world. Our Private Sector Development and Inclusive Growth Practice has worked in nine countries across Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia – providing essential support to countries seeking to foster inclusive growth and create jobs for their growing populations.