Tony Blair

Tony Blair  has today published an article in the Evening Standard on the upcoming UK General Election. In it, he writes that “the PM says she wants her hand strengthened in the Brexit negotiations. This is plausible as a headline but requires greater interrogation. What she really wants is a free hand; but to do what?”

He adds that “in so far as this election is about Brexit, there is one question that should dominate every interview.” That is:

“Would you still go ahead with Brexit, even if the deal did not deliver substantially the same access to the single market and customs union we have now or was one that carried long-term risks to our economy or there was no deal? In other words, are there any circumstances in which having looked at the “best deal” we can get, we conclude that it isn’t good enough for Britain?”

He says that a movement is needed to ensure that a re-elected Conservative Government cannot claim a mandate for Brexit At Any Cost and concludes by proposing that “the organisations that want to keep open the right of people to change their minds on Brexit” should come together, so that those voting can determine what mandate she can claim.

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