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The Institute will draw on the best ideas in both public and private policy spheres, and drive forward practical solutions to some of today’s global challenges. 

We are focused on the big policy challenges that globalisation presents to today’s leaders, and aim to revitalise the centre ground through a corpus of new thinking. 

New Policy Solutions

Tony Blair speaking at a policy event in the United States.

We aim to articulate a vision of liberal democracy that can garner substantial popular support, and to push back the destructive approach of populism which offers anger but no real answers.

This new populism may differ in some respects between left and right, but what is remarkable is the convergence between them, especially around isolationism and protectionism, in what is an essentially closed-minded approach to globalisation and its benefits. 

We are not a think tank.  We are a non-party platform to inform and support those in the active front line of politics, and help them counter short term solutions based on a false ‘populism'. Our purpose is to provide radical but sensible answers to people’s concerns, and create a fact-based dialogue, not one in which emotion supersedes fact.