Offering leaders strategic advice and practical support.

We offer strategic advice and practical support to political leaders and governments so they can deliver reform that raises standards and transforms lives.

Experience and Expertise

The single most important determinate of a country’s success is the quality of its leadership and government. As a first step, that means things as basic as the rule of law and the absence of corruption. Beyond that, it requires enabling the effective delivery of real reform; reform that raises living standards and provides a stable basis for sustainable progress in an ever-changing world.

Our strength lies in our experience and expertise, and our global perspective. Through Tony Blair, and our panel of experts, we’re able to offer unique insight, as well as peer-to-peer practical support to leaders and governments keen to implement reforming change. That includes governments:

  • on the path to modernisation
  • that are fragile or developing
  • of critical strategic and geopolitical importance

We want to support these governments make their bold visions for development a reality. So, shaped by their national priorities, Tony Blair, our dedicated experts, and embedded teams of professionals work with leaders and key ministries to draw up practicable policy and develop context specific tools to deliver these crucial reforms. This includes fostering economic development, securing investment and driving job creation. It includes the modernisation of infrastructure and public service reform, as well as building connectivity with other countries and markets. And it means encouraging government innovation, making the institution itself more effective while promoting inclusivity and openness.

Our support is already transforming the lives of millions of people, securing investments, creating jobs, and enabling access to health services, education and electricity. There are many things around the world  taken for granted, but which, without guidance and government intervention, will remain out of reach for too many. By providing support to political leaders and governments, we can help them build open, inclusive and prosperous societies, and ensure sustainable development that continues to improve conditions for decades to come.

Tony Blair and David Sengeh greet each other at Prince of Wales School