Centre of Government and Delivery Practice

In any government system, a leader’s time and attention is a precious commodity.

The capability of the teams around the President or Prime Minister, and the effectiveness of their processes and routines, is therefore of critical importance.

These systems and structures channel the leader’s authority throughout the rest of government, reinforce their priorities, and get them the right information at the right time to take effective decisions and drive progress. The centre also has a unique cross-government perspective, able to foresee and enhance synergies and reduce conflicts in planning, policy and implementation.

Ultimately, it is this machinery at the centre of government that gives a leader the levers to translate their vision into concrete results on the ground.



The government is creating Special Economic Zones to attract companies like this food manufacturer to create more good jobs and reduce the country’s imports.

Our embedded advisors work to support a range of functions across the centre of government – in Presidents’ or Prime Ministers’ Offices, Ministries of Finance and Planning, and Cabinet Secretariats.

While varying across countries and over time, our work includes strengthening and supporting systems for government-wide strategic planning, budgets and finance, cross-government performance management, delivery oversight on major priorities, and strategic communications, as well as support to leaders’ executive offices.

We also support the establishment and reinforcement of delivery oversight systems and structures away from the centre of government, both within specific line ministries and with subnational administrations.

Our advisors discuss some of the lessons learned during the first Africa Delivery Exchange (ADEx), a workshop convened by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in Nairobi with the heads of “delivery teams” from seven African countries.