Face to Faith Programme launches with Italian Ministry of Education


Face to Faith Programme launches with Italian Ministry of Education

Posted on: 26th November 2014

Following a meeting with the Italian Education Minister, Professor Stefania Giannini, Mr. Blair signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Government on behalf of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

At the signing, Mr. Blair commended the efforts of the Italian Government to promote dialogue between students of diverse backgrounds and said that “it is up to all of us to help young people be better prepared for a world where technological change and globalisation mean we all require a better understanding of cultural and religious differences.”

The third MoU between the Italian Government and the Faith Foundation will ensure the Face to Faith programme continues to develop in Italy, and further embeds the values of respect and understanding of cultural and religious differences into the education system.

The only future that works is one in which people are respected as equals, whatever their faith or their culture.

Tony Blair Executive Chairman, Institute for Global Change

It builds on the work of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the 35 schools who have established the Rete Dialogues (The Dialogue Network) since the first MoU was signed in 2011. It will provide opportunities for Italian teachers to learn how to use dialogical pedagogies, increase schools access to the global Face to Faith programme and enhance the work and reach of the Dialogue Network.

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