Inclusive Growth and Private-Sector Development Practice


The Hawassa Industrial Park, which the government has opened to increase job creation. 

In the last two years, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has improved our promotion systems and methodologies and enhanced capacity of staff to engage with prospective investors. They have also helped support the design and implementation of capacity development programmes that will strengthen our institutions for generations to come.

Fitsum Arega Commissioner, Ethiopian Investment Commission, 2016

We work with governments to promote inclusive growth and private sector development because countries that have pulled the vast majority of their people out of poverty did so by transforming their economies and enabling a private sector which creates jobs and sustains livelihoods to prosper.

Government leadership is critical for developing countries to achieve inclusive economic growth. It will be the basis on which the private sector can flourish, generate spillovers, sustain inclusive markets and create jobs.

Increasingly, visionary and progressive leaders in developing countries, including in Africa, recognise this and are prioritising economic transformation in their countries. But the development of inclusive market systems remains challenging. Nations often face an array of issues, including weak institutions, complex politics, limited resources, information gaps and a private sector, which is weak and creates limited jobs.

Leaders also often don’t have access to strategic, delivery and management support to help them navigate these challenges and put in place solutions to overcome the constraints that hold back the economic transformation of their countries. This is where the our Inclusive Growth and Private Sector Development Practice comes in.



Most rice in Sierra Leone is imported, but this new firm is bucking the trend & processes only locally grown rice

We do this by embedding long-term advisors in ministries and agencies that are vital to the country’s economic transformation. We facilitate coordination across these ministries and with development partners – backed up by central technical and strategic expertise, as well as by the political acumen of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and our experienced advisors. Our offer covers strategy development, political navigation and delivery support, all of which are essential to address a challenge many governments face in driving inclusive growth: closing the gap between the development of policy and its delivery. 

We also work with development partners to help them identify how to provide suitable support to countries to allow a job-creating, revenue-generating private sector to thrive. In doing so, we help nations to deliver policies, services and market systems that empower the poor, be they smallholder farmers, the youth, women, job seekers and other vulnerable groups.

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has worked on a day-to-day basis with myself and my team to push through key reforms and programmes that support our vision for inclusive, sustainable economic diversification for the transformation of the real economy. Much of our success would not have been possible were it not for their invaluable contribution as members of my core team.

Hon. Axel Addy Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of Liberia, 2012-2018