A man processes rubber in Liberia



For the first time rubber is being processed in Liberia for export, creating jobs and diversifying the economy.  

However, in 2005 Africa's first female Head of State, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was elected into office and today the government is working to secure a more prosperous future for all Liberians.

Effective government will be a major determinant of their success. That’s why we are supporting the government of Liberia through this period of vital transition, working shoulder to shoulder with Liberian public servants - our team provides support which aims to reduce poverty and improve lives.

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Progress in Action

For the first time rubber is being processed in Liberia for export, creating jobs and diversifying the economy.  

I want to thank the members of Mr Blair’s team because they've worked so well with our staff to achieve better results, not only for the presidency but because a well performing presidency enhances the work of all our ministries.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Former President of Liberia

Our team has supported the Government of Liberia implement a number of reforms since 2010. At first, we supported the government of Liberia in the development of institutional capacity at the centre of government and helped get a number of major infrastructure projects up and running. In 2014 and 2015, we worked with the government to help contain and eradicate Ebola.

Now our team is working with government officials to help them to foster inclusive growth through infrastructure development, deliver economic diversification through the introduction of a programmatic, cross-government approach to agriculture value chain development, and improve the education system.

Gyude Moore, former head of the President’s Delivery Unit and Minister of Public Works in Liberia discusses the importance of effective government.

Progress is being made. In 2016 Liberia’s largest hydroelectric power plant started to produce electricity for the first time since it was destroyed during the war, and the paving of major roads and the country’s only international runway is being completed. The private sector led, value chain approach to agriculture is resulting in increased investment in cocoa, oil palm, rubber, fish, cassava and rice - sectors in which the country can compete internationally, to create jobs and support small businesses.

In education, the focus is on improving learning outcomes for Liberian children and giving the next generation a head start. This focuses on reforming the teachers’ payroll and improved school management through the Ministries’ Partnership Schools for Liberia programme.