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One out of every six Africans is Nigerian and the country has one of the continent’s largest economies with a GDP of US$490 billion. Despite its strengths and potential, the country is 152nd in the Human Development Index and at least half of the population live in poverty.

Within the country, major regional disparities remain: 90% of the poorest people living in the north of the country. Fostering economic development and alleviating poverty is therefore a top priority for the Government of Nigeria at a national and regional level.


Following a process of prioritisation led by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance some small tweaks to the working practices of a key government unit have begun to pay dividends. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank

Small and medium size businesses drive the economy in Nigeria - providing funding to them will help the economy and create jobs.

Tunde Ladipo Former Nigeria Country Head

In the recent past, we supported the establishment of the Development Bank of Nigeria, which aims to provide 200,000 loans to small and medium sized businesses in its first five years, and coordinated the activities for its launch. This built on prior work to bolster the efficiency of the EMIT secretariat, which introduced the previous government’s Transformation Agenda’s reforms.

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Temitayo Adeuja owns a small day care in Abuja. Getting a small business loan from the Development Bank of Nigeria would allow her to expand her business.

We have a team providing delivery support for the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Working with the CEO, they are helping implement an ambitious five-year strategy plan that will improve public health systems and save lives. We are also finalising an opportunity to support the Kaduna State Government in operationalising and expanding its Delivery Unit.

Building on our growing reputation across Africa for practical, but effective support, we also looking at issues such as infrastructure, economic growth, social welfare across states and at the central government level.