Working in a factory in Gaza

Middle East

Reconstruction and Opening of Gaza

Stability in Gaza requires: improved access to energy, water, movement of materials and normalisation of trade with the West Bank, Israel, and beyond. IME promotes measures on these issues, working with key partners in the international community, as well as Israel and Palestinians.

Israel should take further steps to increase energy and water supply, and enable accelerated construction while ensuring its security concerns are met. An agreement between the Palestinian factions must be reached to allow the provision of essential aid and services and the development of the Gaza Strip. This should then enable the international community to fulfil pledges made at the Cairo Conference on the reconstruction of Gaza in 2014.

Greater movement at the crossings between Gaza and Israel, and the Palestinian Authority’s return to Gaza will also allow for an arrangement with Egypt on regular opening of the Rafah crossing. Moderate Arab states can play a vital role in rebuilding Gaza, as well as ending the divide between the West Bank and Gaza.