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The Institute is working to improve Togo’s investment and business climate for domestic and foreign investors to add value to raw commodities, especially in the agro-processing industry

By investing in infrastructure and making structural reforms to boost the private sector, Togo has experienced sustained growth since 2010. To build on this progress, the country is aiming to increase private investment in key sectors, such as agriculture and manufacturing, to create thousands of jobs.

Togo’s economy has been through a period of sustained and accelerating growth:  3.9% between 2007 and 2013; and 5.6% between 2013 and 2015. Growth was largely supported by public investment in the country's infrastructure. However, key sectors of the economy continue to face challenges that hinder structural transformation and industrial development.

To answer this, Togo’s new National Development Plan 2018-2022 aims to build a more dynamic private sector and effective government by focussing on three key areas:

1) Establishing a logistics hub and world-class business centre to encourage trade and investment,

2) Developing agricultural processing, manufacturing and extractive industries to create jobs and increase incomes, and

3) Improving peoples’ standard of living by investing in health, education and public services.


To achieve this, flagship projects such as the airport and deep-water port in Lome are being pursued. Key export products, such as coffee and cocoa, are being shipped out to trade partners Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and are creating jobs, raising incomes and boosting the role of private sector in the country.

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Tony Blair and President Gnassingbé visiting the Autonomous Port of Lomé, a modern deep-water port and container terminal that makes Togo a prime sub-regional business hub.

I am very pleased with the support received from the Institute and their commitment to the development of Togo. I particularly appreciate their investment in developing talented young Togolese who are contributing practical and innovative solutions to complex policy issues.

Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé President of Togo

Since 2017 we have helped establish and train high-performing teams within the Government of Togo. This has included: a Presidential Delivery Unit to fast-track the implementation of flagship projects; an Investment Promotion Unit to convert investor interest into job-creating projects and promote Togo as an attractive investment destination; and a Doing Business Unit to expedite business environment reforms and unlock the potential of the private sector.

Developing the skills and expertise of the people we work with is central to all of our governance work. But our model in Togo is also unique. We recruit and develop young Togolese talent to grow the next generation of public sector leaders in the country. Our hope is that as the country continues to grow, build more effective government and improve public services for its people, they will be ones driving progress.