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Thanos Petouris

British-Yemeni Society committee member and doctoral candidate at the Department of Politics, SOAS, University of London


Thanos Petouris is a committee member of the British-Yemeni Society. He has been researching the nationalist, anti-colonial movement in South Arabia and the subsequent decolonisation process from British rule in the years 1937-67. The theoretical focus of his doctoral research is to explain the emergence of national identities during periods of decolonisation, by using South Yemen as the historical case study. What makes this paradigm particularly relevant, is the ways in which South Yemeni identity is being employed in current Yemeni affairs as a way of politicising the grievances of the Southern Movement.

Thanos has been a regular contributor to Chatham House Yemen Forum events as well as providing advice to the UK Foreign and Commenwealth Office and Department for International Development on Yemen. He has spoken at the Universities of London, Harvard, Athens, and Warwick, and was the convenor of the "Yemen: Challenges for the Future" conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has lived in Yemen for extended periods of time since 2005, which enabled him to visit almost every part of the country.

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