The Global Health
Security Consortium

The Global Health Security Consortium (GHSC) provides insight, analysis and support for leaders around the world to help them prepare for the health security challenges of tomorrow. It is a joint initiative of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and a team of scientists at the University of Oxford.




Our new vision for global health

The response to Covid-19 saw dramatic advancements in the development of life-saving vaccines. These changes have created an opportunity to make preventable diseases history. Now is the time to transform the global health infrastructure, making it more equitable and also ensuring the world is prepared for the next pandemic. This means harnessing the potential of and demand for next-generation vaccines and preventative injectables. The potential rewards are huge, with at least 10 million deaths a year attributable to preventable diseases.

One Shot sets out a roadmap to combat preventable diseases worldwide that draws on innovations in vaccines and preventative injectables and builds on progress made in response to Covid-19. This vision for a disease-prevention programme that is “always on” would save millions of lives and billions of dollars, addressing health inequalities and leading to more prosperous, healthy and resilient societies.

Six goals


Improve equity of access to vaccines and medicines worldwide


Reorientate care away from sickness and towards prevention to avoid unnecessary illness and costs


Strengthen health-system functions such as supply chains, service delivery and workforce


Create standing infrastructure to prevent and respond to outbreaks and pandemics


Grow economies and invest in the life sciences and in the health-care sector


Accelerate the establishment of a digital-health infrastructure, which will have lasting utility beyond disease prevention


Turning One Shot into a reality requires action by a coalition of governments, industry and global-health organisations, including:

  • Universal and geography-specific recommendations on vaccine schedules – led by the World Health Organisation.
  • Integration of new products into routine clinical practice.
  • Tiered pricing for vaccines and injectables.
  • Global demand forecasting for products and associated manufacturing capacity.
  • Alignment of investments and tech transfers into a geographically distributed and diverse manufacturing footprint.
  • Market shaping, such as resilience payments and pooled procurement, alongside regulatory harmonisation to incentivise sustainable manufacturing in the Global South.
  • Walk-in rights for governments to use manufacturing sites and supply chains during emergencies as part of their investment in public-private partnership arrangements.
  • The right digital tools to support vaccine development and delivery, including investment in immunisation registries and longitudinal health records for patients.
  • Development of the technical expertise needed to create digital standards, ensure interoperability and enable product implementation.
  • Long-term support for this agenda through global leadership.

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About the Consortium

The global response to the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the scientific, medical and policy communities that we need to work differently. Solutions have to be pragmatic, politically viable and able to scale, while accounting for sudden, novel challenges.

The Global Health Security Consortium is a new kind of partnership. We are an independent non-sovereign voice, informed by deep political and technical expertise, to support and guide leaders on the global health security agenda.

Our role in the global health security agenda includes:

  • Brokering partnerships and taking action together
  • Providing thought leadership to guide policymaking
  • Amplifying the impact of existing solutions

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Founding Partners

The Tony Blair Institute, under the leadership of Tony Blair, brings a global perspective on health security and an understanding of how to deliver change at a national and international level.

The Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine, under the leadership of Dr David Agus, brings deep technical expertise in tech-driven medical science, research and the intersection with health policy in the United States and abroad.

A network of researchers at the University of Oxford provides academic rigour and scientific evidence to the work of the Consortium, under the leadership of Professor Sir John Bell.

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