We work with governments and leaders of fragile, developing and emerging states to enhance their effectiveness.

The single most important determinate of a country’s success is the quality of its government. While the absence of corruption and the existence of elections are important, transformative change will only occur if governments effectively deliver reforms that benefit their people.

Our mission is to help governments and leaders make their vision for development a reality. Our work is shaped by national priorities and focused on helping the centre of government and key line ministries deliver crucial policies and reforms, which help raise standards of living for citizens. This includes economic development and inclusive growth, job creation, modernising infrastructure, public service reforms, and government innovation.

The Institute’s work on governance is born from the work formerly undertaken by the Africa Governance Initiative and Tony Blair Associates – Government Advisory, from 2008 until 2017. In the last decade, we have worked in 20 countries across the world. 

Our work is both leader to leader and shoulder to shoulder, combining the unique experience and global perspective of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, with embedded teams of professionals hired from the best of the international public and private sectors. We work on the core aspects of delivery, the 4 Ps of: prioritisation; policies and plans; and performance management.

Our support has resulted in dramatic improvements in the lives of millions of people, through creating jobs and fostering inclusive growth and enabling access to health services, education, and electricity. This can be seen in the 200,000 small and medium businesses set to receive loans from the Development Bank of Nigeria in its first five years, the 80,000 new jobs to be created in Ethiopia’s new industrial parks, and in Guinea’s Kaleta dam which doubled the energy available in the country and brought electricity to the homes of many Guineans for the first time.

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