Dealing With Difficult Dialogue

Dealing With Difficult Dialogue

Dealing With Difficult Dialogue


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It often falls to teachers to address students’ resulting fears and concerns and these resources will help you to work through them in a classroom environment.

Dealing with shocking events is challenging in any classroom, and we are providing these two resources to support you as you support your students to achieve a greater understanding through promoting dialogue.

The first is a practical guide to dealing with difficult issues, which builds on our experience of working in schools across the world.

The second is a briefing note on religious extremism. This examines different kinds of religious extremism, including for example Salafi Jihadism and Theravada extremism, and explains how these positions are rejected by the broader traditions. It also explores the nature of religious extremism, and aims to empower you to overcome some of the difficulties of talking about these issues with students who may be misinformed or upset.

These resources build on the Essentials of Dialogue, a practical guide and resource package for teachers and other educators to equip young people with the basic skills of dialogue so that as they discuss, they achieve a greater understanding of one another in a diverse and globalised world. It is recommended that you are familiar with the Essentials of Dialogue prior to engaging with this guidance on difficult dialogue.

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