Youth Infrastructure in Guinea

Youth Infrastructure in Guinea

Youth Infrastructure in Guinea


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Posted on: 8th April 2015

There is a shortage of space for young people to play in Conakry. Playing outdoor sports can be a struggle and the idea of any games which require light at night, or a power connection are usually a pipe dream. The newly established Blue Zone in Conakry sets out to change this. It uses sustainable energy from renewable sources and provides a space for young people to play sports, access the internet and develop their skills for the future.

Conakry has many hectares of wasteland that have no access to the electrical grid while at the same time many young Guineans want the services that would enable them to learn, innovate and develop their passion. They need fields and sports equiptment, libraries and access to computers. 

Opened in June 2014, the Blue Zone provides a space where young Guineans can do just that, setting them up better than ever before to contribute meaningfully to the challenges facing their country. AGI has helped to support the programme through its work with the large-scale projects unit – managing the execution of initiatives like the Blue Zone and ensuring that they not only become a reality but are sustainable for future generations.

The new clean energy technology that supplies the Blue Zone makes use of the latest innovations –capture and distribution of electricity to power the centre.

The Blue Zone has transformed this wasteland part of Kaloum into a well-lit, connected space, supplied with drinking water.

This is also a space where residents can now access numerous services at a nominal cost. These include: Wi-Fi internet, a drinking water outlet produced on-site, library, media centre, e-learning facilities, a production workshop for draftspersons, sports facilities, a cultural space, and much more.

Guinea is the first country in the world to be home to such an initiative and gives young people in the country’s capital access to resources that can help to shape their future. 



The work described here was carried out by the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, it is now being continued by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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