Video: 3 Principles of Housing

Video: 3 Principles of Housing

Video: 3 Principles of Housing


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For decades the singular goal of housing policy has been to boost homeownership which has become an important Avenue of wealth accumulation and tenure stability. However recently the promise of those policies has given away to their pitfalls. Levels of homeownership are reaching record lows while levels of eviction in the private rental sector are reaching record highs.

We begin from the premise that we need a new set of shared principles to guide housing policy. We list three: security, community and stability.

In terms of security, we define security in two ways - the first is security of tenure. Making sure that tenants feel secure in their homes and not at risk of displacement but that needs to be balanced with security of homeowners in their sense of financial security for retirement.

The second is community. For too long housing policy has focused solely on the individual homeowner. It's time and we pay attention to the needs of communities whether that's in regenerating housing estates in places like London or in encouraging new development communities that may otherwise be resistant to it leading to problems like NIMBYism.

The third is stability by that we mean macroeconomic stability. Liberalisation of the housing market has meant an excess of speculation in property, creating a danger of bubbles that could burst and hurt not only renters in the private rental sector but homeowners who could be thrust into negative equity.

These three principles together we feel are capable of moving our housing policy forward to be more equitable and sustainable and efficient. So please read the report and use the hashtag #TBIHousing.

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