Time to Zero In

Climate change – and the transition to a net-zero economy and society – is the biggest challenge the world faces. Unless governments have a clear route map, this transition will be all the more difficult.

At the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, we are uniquely positioned to help governments navigate the challenges posed by climate change and the net-zero transition. We exist to equip leaders with fresh, progressive, practical policy ideas and solutions, and our expert team brings together specialists from climate policy, technology, innovation and international development.

Following the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), we will continue to make the case for an inclusive transition to net zero – one that recognises the unique needs of low- and middle-income countries alongside developed economies, and that focuses on pace, people, fairness, technology, markets and communities.

You can read more about our vision for net zero and the important work we're doing below.

Buildings reflecting a forest rise into the sky