Tony Blair: Effective Government Creates Jobs

Tony Blair: Effective Government Creates Jobs

Tony Blair: Effective Government Creates Jobs


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Posted on: 3rd June 2016

Speaking to CNN's Africa Marketplace, Mr Blair highlighted the potential of effective goverment to transform Africa. "The big challenge is making the decisions and implementing them” he explained, emphasising that “it's in the follow through that the difference is made." 


Traditional aid has its place, but if you want to change countries for good then you have to transform their quality of governance

Tony Blair Executive Chairman, Institute for Global Change

During his recent visit to a new C&H Garments factory that employs hundreds of Rwandans, the difference effective government can make was clear. The segment, hosted by CNN's Eleni Giokos, looks inside one of the 41 businesses which have been set up in Kigali’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and explores the potential of manufacturing to transform the country.

Hundreds of Rwandans are now employed by C&H Garments

The SEZ now employs over three thousand Rwandans and Eusebe Muhikira of the Rwandan Development Board says that they want to build on this progress. “We hope to continue being competitive. [We are] working to attract more businesses, making sure that Rwandans can get jobs” he said.

We are proud to have supported the government of Rwanda on export growth, which is being realised through initiatives like the Special Economic Zone. We continue to work with the government to boost exports in areas like ICT. 



The work described here was carried out by the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, it is now being continued by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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