Tony Blair Comment on NHS Spending

Tony Blair Comment on NHS Spending

Tony Blair

Tony Blair Comment on NHS Spending


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“The Prime Minister said today that nearly half of Labour’s record increase in investment in the NHS during the last Labour Government was not spent on patients. I simply don't know what she means by that. But if the implication is that, because significant investment went on increased numbers of staff, including nurses and doctors, better pay and a huge uplift in hospital building and NHS facilities, this is not money spent on patients, it shows how little this Government understands the NHS and its challenges.

“This investment was absolutely necessary to deliver the significant cuts we saw in waiting lists and waiting times and the dramatically improved results in cancer and cardiac care the new Labour government oversaw, resulting in some of the highest patient satisfaction levels ever seen. All of which, of course, have slid into reverse under this Conservative Government.

“This programme of investment and reform was supported by a clear and specific increase in National Insurance – unlike the plans announced today which appear to be dependent on mystery tax increases and a mythical Brexit dividend the IFS confirms cannot fund the extra spending.“

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