Tribute to Rodney Bickerstaffe

Tribute to Rodney Bickerstaffe


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"Rodney was a giant of the Labour and Trade Union Movement, one of the most influential trade unionists of his time and of any time. He should be remembered not only for his great service to his members, but for his contribution to Britain, not least the seminal role he played in bringing about the introduction of the National Minimum Wage.

He was a staunch ally in that struggle and many others, particularly in respect of anything to do with the NHS, passionate but smart enough to follow a strategy which led not only to a conference resolutions but to political action. Where we had our disagreements, he was firm but always friendly and knew at a profound level the importance of having a Labour Government. He had a great sense of humour, no pretensions despite his success and was wonderful company. My deep condolences to Pat, his children and grandchildren who are rightly so proud of what he achieved."

Tony Blair: In Memory of Kate


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