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Research and Advocacy

Our research and analysis capability provides the thought leadership needed to properly define the challenge and address it at all levels. We present informed analysis of the global interaction of religion, geopolitics, and conflict, ensuring that the threat of destructive religious ideology is properly understood, and effective policy is developed in response.

We examine the ideology, the conflicts, the proliferation of local drivers and the contributions, positive and negative, of state and non-state actors. This approach recognises the importance of driving the news agenda as a way of influencing change. Our work is recognised globally by policymakers, senior politicians, journalists and experts.

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Over the last two years, our research unit of 14 researchers and analysts has:

  • Published 4 research projects on the ideological drivers of Islamist extremism: Milestones to Militancy; A War on Key Words; Inside the Jihadi Mind: Ideology and Propaganda; and, If the Castle Falls: Ideology and Perspectives on the Syrian Rebellion.
  • Published a policy report on Global Perspectives: How to Prevent Extremism and Policy Options.
  • Launched the Global Extremism Monitor – the only global dataset on religious extremism has tracked 72 religious extremist groups operating in 40 countries
  • Subscribed thousands of global readers to our News Brief.
  • Reached a global audience with commentary and analysis, including major media outlets such as CNN, BBC, China Central Television, Al-Arabiya, the Sunday Times, the Guardian and Newsweek.
  • Hosted 26 events convening politicians, journalists and experts in London, Brussels, New York and Washington DC.
  • Developed new work on refugee resiliency, countering anti-Semitism, gender and extremism, and tackling online extremism through technology partnerships.

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