Girls react while opening their GCSE results on August 21, 2014 in London, England.



Girls react while opening their GCSE results in London.

We promote co-existence through activities that address issues affecting social integration and community resilience to extremist narratives. There is currently limited research or evidence on the factors leading to vulnerability of women and girls to extremism.

Compass explores the relationship between empowerment and increased resilience to destructive ideologies.

Compass explores the relationship between empowerment and increased resilience to destructive ideologies. The pilot aims to deepen our understanding of the challenges, real and perceived, facing young women as they transition from the classroom to the workplace.

The project supports young women in communities affected by extremism to broaden and realise their aspirations, whilst exploring issues of identity and belonging through group mentoring, interactive workshops, and international videoconferences.

Partnering with secondary schools, volunteer mentors and corporate partners, the project focuses on three areas:

  • Broadening and raising aspirations through a series of group mentoring sessions with professional female role models early in their careers.
  • Navigating barriers by addressing real and perceived obstacles to tertiary education with mentees’ families through workshops with higher education institutions.
  • Building identity through online technology to connect with international female role models and global peers in schools around the world, giving the mentees opportunities to explore issues surrounding identity and belonging, and tools to think critically.

Compass is a good experience as it helps us in our later lives and helps us figure out where we want to be.

Mentee Borough of Newham

“The sessions were well planned and the mentors who came in were willing to share skills, knowledge, and their expertise. The sessions kept the students engaged throughout the project and worked on a number of key skills... I have already requested that we take part again next year.” School Head of Pastoral, Tower Hamlets

Sharing our own experiences helps these young women to be open to, and explore, options they might not have previously considered, or even heard of. Seeing their confidence grow and hearing them start to ask more critical questions as they explore their futures has also been fantastic.

Mentor Redbridge

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