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Tuesday 1st December, 16:00
Are we losing the fight against extremism in the UK?

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Across Europe, we are seeing a new wave of Islamist attacks in France and Austria, while the risk of far-right terrorism is on the rise. As the UK raises its terror threat level, the Covid-19 pandemic raises its own concerns, bringing a resurgence of conspiracy theories, hate speech and anti-Establishment sentiment, which are only worsening the divisions in our society. As concerns about the mainstreaming of extremist ideas grow amid calls to reform our counterterrorism and counterextremism system, policymakers in the UK must understand the scale of the problem, and importantly, what can be done about it.
We hope you can join us for this discussion on terrorism and extremism in the UK.
• Lizzie Dearden | Home affairs & security correspondent at The Independent
• Richard Walton  | Senior Fellow, Policy Exchange, and former head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command
• Matthew Feldman | Director, Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right
• Imam, Dr Usama Hasan | Research Consultant, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
• Cristina Ariza | Analyst, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change


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Thursday 3rd December, 17:00 GMT
Can technology help feed the world sustainably?

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The world’s population is projected to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050, an increase of 2 billion.  As governments grapple with the impacts of climate change, protectionism and the rise in food insecurity due to Covid-19, another existential question is also coming into focus: How do governments prepare now to feed 10 billion people?

While our current food system is struggling to meet the needs of people and the planet, there are reasons to be optimistic.  Emerging technologies present a growing range of opportunities to transform our food and agriculture systems.

And with Brexit on the horizon, now is the time to discuss the future of food.  Sound, responsive and resilient agricultural policies will be vital to reducing food poverty and achieving net-zero commitments. 

Join us for what promises to be a fascinating discussion on the role of tech in reforming the food system at home and around the world. Host Benedict Macon-Cooney, TBI’s Head of Science and Innovation, and distinguished speakers Sonia Lo (CEO, Sensei Ag) and Sara Menker (CEO, Gro Intelligence) will explore why transforming food systems should be central to the progressive policy-making – highlighting the opportunities and the challenges ahead. 

Lettuces grow in a hydroponic facility.

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