We shape the debate with bold ideas and practical reforms.

We’re working to reinvigorate the centre ground of politics, reframing debates and providing solutions to issues from extremism to the challenges presented by the technological revolution.

From populist leadership to public protest, our current political landscape is marked by extremism, with ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitudes pervading debate on a global basis. Alongside this, we’re living in an unprecedented era of technological progression; one that offers renewed prosperity and connection, but which also presents challenges that threaten further division.

Our mission is to equip political leaders to build prosperous, open and inclusive societies. To do that, we need to tackle the issue of extremism, as well as promote the kind of politics that seeks to unite rather than divide. And we need to help those leaders master the revolution in technology, so that they can access its benefits and mitigate its risks.

So our policy work focuses on three key areas:

  • Building a new agenda to reinvigorate the centre ground of politics, encouraging connection and laying strong foundations in common ground.
  • Reframing the debate on extremism, offering practical reforms and a new, pragmatic language to counter divisive narratives on both sides of the argument.
  • Developing policy and strategy to ensure that governments can meet the challenges thrown up by technological advances, and shift their economies from the offline to the online world.

This includes searching for new solutions to help centre-ground leaders defend liberal democracy and rekindle the politics of hope. It includes studying the drivers behind the rise of populism, including the spread and pervasion of social media, which is fast changing the way politics and government is conducted. And it includes convening a structured, productive dialogue between leaders in tech and in politics.

Our work is necessarily bold, but it’s practical too, shaping the debate, and offering a programme that is both radical and realistic: fully cognisant of the modern world and its present direction, and of the size of steps necessary to achieve the change we want to see.

a woman listens in a policy discussion