Renewing the Centre

We work to equip centre-ground leaders with new solutions, so they can defend liberal democracy and rekindle the politics of hope.

Across the West, liberal democracy is under threat from a rising tide of populism that offers anger but no real answers. This populism differs in some respects between left and right, but ultimately both represent a closed-minded approach to globalisation and the modern world.

Our work focuses on how those in the centre ground of politics can be equipped with the policies and political strategies required to rekindle the politics of hope. We are building a policy platform that will provide radical, sensible answers to the big challenges of the modern world and support those on the front line of politics to make their case with conviction and win broad support.

At the core of this is a vision for liberal democracy that encapsulates an open-minded view of the world and globalisation, seeking to access the benefits and ensure they are shared fairly, while mitigating the costs and preparing countries for inevitable change. This requires a holistic view, going beyond questions of trade and economics to encompass citizenship, social policy, technology, public services, political institutions and international relations.

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