New British citizens gather for a photograph following a British citizenship ceremony

Renewing the Centre

Citizenship and Social Policy

Populist leaders frequently cite migration as a major cause of economic and social decline. Their policies both foster a hostile domestic environment for minorities and limit opportunities for migrants abroad.

Our work makes the case for a fair and open system with a renewed sense of purpose and control. We develop rigorous research on the real impact migrants have in the economy and on society, to design policies that provide opportunity for migrating workers and economic security for existing residents. Bridging the gap between these groups is essential for a system that has real public legitimacy.

Alongside this, our work takes in broader challenges of cohesion and integration. Conflicts between groups—residents and newcomers, young and old, urban and rural—are straining the traditional bonds of citizenship and driving social divisions. New ways of thinking that reduce social conflict and foster shared values are urgently needed.

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