Renewing the Centre

Immigration, Integration and Security

To help allay popular fears, and ensure the stability of multiethnic democracies, we need to solve two important challenges.

First, we need a vision for what national identity might mean in an increasingly multi-ethnic and globalised context. On the one side, existing forms of collective identity often continue to exclude ethnic and religious minorities. On the other side, new forms of identity politics often emphasise what divides citizens instead of building on existing commonalities. To do better, we urgently need to develop a common language of multiethnic citizenship.

Second, we need to set out the principles and objectives that can guide immigration policy for the 21st century, taking into account both the economic and humanitarian reasons for immigration and the significant social and cultural dislocation it has caused over the last years. The key to a just, effective, and democratically legitimate immigration policy, we suggest, is to increase control over migratory flows while preserving significant opportunities for legal immigration.

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