Inside the Ebola Crisis


Inside the Ebola Crisis

Posted on: 30th June 2015
Nick Thompson
Executive Director, Governance (Africa), Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

The Ebola crisis is not yet over. Low case numbers still remain in Sierra Leone and Guinea, which must be brought to and kept at zero before these countries can truly move on. AGI’s teams have continued to work on the Ebola response in all three countries throughout 2014-2015 and are continuing to support the response in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

An article in today’s Independent on Saturday explores the role played by AGI teams, which is described by President Koroma as ‘integral’ and ‘vital’ to getting on top of the spread of the disease. The article explains how AGI came to work on the Ebola response and why the systems of coordination worked to build were essential to managing the logistical challenges of the outbreak such as ambulance dispatch and dead body management.

AGI teams continue to live and work in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and are working with these governments to give their citizens the best platform from which to recover from the turmoil of the last year.

The video ‘AGI: The Ebola crisis’ features reflections from senior government and international figures who worked on the response and sets out why AGI was able to make a difference. A full report ‘State of Emergency: How government fought Ebola’ will be published in late June.

The work described here was carried out by the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, it is now being continued by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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