Antoine Huss

Togo Country Head


Antoine is the Country Head for Togo and Deputy Lead of the Institute’s Inclusive Growth and Private Sector Development Practice, with a focus on supporting economic development in Africa. In The Jobs Gap, Antoine and Practice colleagues notably makes a case for addressing the looming 50 million jobs shortfall that Africa is projected to face by 2040, and how governments and their development partners can tackle this issue through more politically-smart market-based sector development strategies. In Togo, Antoine and his team are supporting the government to achieve this through targeted investment promotion, business climate reforms, and the implementation of priority projects.

Over the past years, Antoine has been working in various advisory and management capacities in Afghanistan, Mali, Sierra Leone and South Sudan on issues such as migration, education, and commercial agriculture development. He also worked for a few years as a policy analyst for the Government of Canada on immigration and refugee questions. Antoine is passionate about developing young talent and using evidence-based approaches to solving wicked hard problems.

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