Antoine Huss

Regional Director - Francophone West & Central Africa


Antoine is a seasoned public policy practitioner and manager with more than 15 years of experience across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, having notably worked in various capacities for the governments of Canada, Mali, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Togo.

Most recently, Antoine leads the Tony Blair Institute’s work in West and Central Africa Francophone region, enabling teams of more than 70 people to provide embedded advisory support to senior government leaders and institutions, including by facilitating strategy processes, advising on priority policy areas, supporting the delivery of flagship initiatives and advancing innovative technology solutions.

As a professional, Antoine is fair and open minded, pragmatic and focused on results, disciplined and propositional, values-driven and creative, allowing him to effectively think strategically and deal with complex problems. As a team member, Antoine encourages a strong work ethic and takes a no-nonsense approach to collaboration, focusing on empowerment and quality assurance to ensure the highest levels of performance.