Kate Dooley

Regional Director, West Africa


Kate leads the Institute's Effective Governance teams in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and The Gambia. Before taking up the Regional Director post, Kate was the Institute's Country Head for Sierra Leone from 2014 and The Gambia from mid-2017.

As Regional Director, Kate supports the Country Heads and their teams to develop and implement tailored strategies to support governments to deploy more effective governance practices, in order to accelerate implementation of their top development priorities. Kate ensures that learning is shared across teams and governments in the region, that international best practice is identified and applied and that opportunities to expand our work through new partnerships are pursued. With a number of elections in the region, Kate is also giving special attention to our work supporting smooth transitions of power and handovers between Presidents, as well as expanding the Institute's work in the social sectors, where the need and demand for our type of support is growing.

As a member of the Effective Governance management team, Kate also contributes to organisational management and strategy, continuous improvement in our work Africa-wide, forging global partnerships to support our work and fundraising.

In Sierra Leone, Kate led the re-purposing of the team in 2014 to support the government's Ebola emergency response, working closely with President Koroma's office to reform the response systems, and expanded the team significantly to accelerate delivery of the post-Ebola recovery plan, including through support to the President's Delivery Team.

In The Gambia, Kate led the Institute's first outreach to President Barrow and his team shortly after his historic inauguration in early 2017 and formally established a new project there in July 2017. The team support the Office of the President to install policy coordination and performance management systems to drive delivery of the government's top priorities, particularly in energy.

Kate has a background in public policy, economics and international relations. Prior to working at the Institute, Kate worked at Save the Children UK leading the organisation's global government relations and advocacy on the SDGs and engagement with the IMF, World Bank and G20. She also helped lead an Economic Governance program in the Solomon Islands, embedded in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury there for 2.5 years, as part of the former Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). Kate started her career at the Australian Treasury and working on a range of policy matters, including aid and development, fiscal policy, education policy and Australia's G20 engagement. She has degrees in commerce with economics, international relations and international law.

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