Rachel Bryson

Analyst on conflict and counter-extremism


Rachel Bryson is an analyst on conflict and counter-extremism. She researches gender and youth in extremist groups as well as the extreme ideologies behind Islamist movements. She was previously an analyst in the Co-Existence team at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where she analysed global religious extremism, predominantly focusing on Africa and the Middle East. Rachel co-authored the report Struggle Over Scripture, charting the key ideological differences between Islamist extremism and the Islamic mainstream. She also wrote For Caliph and Country, which examined the lives of over 100 men and women who have shaped or been shaped by the British jihadi scene.

Rachel regularly comments on these issues in the media, including the BBC, the Telegraph, the Guardian, the National and the Independent, and advises policymakers and thought leaders.

Rachel grew up in East Africa, holds an MA (Hons) in Arabic and French from the University of Edinburgh, and has worked at several leading counter-extremism think tanks.