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Yitzhak Gal

Independent Researcher


Yitzhak Gal is an independent researcher and expert on Middle East economic issues. He has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and serves as a consultant for both the public and the private sector, including Israeli government ministries and agencies, international organisations and NGOs, as well as international and Israeli companies.

Yitzhak has worked on a number of large economic research projects, as well as strategic and business analyses of the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Jordanian contexts, along with the Arabian Gulf, Egypt and the Middle East at large. He has acted as a consultant on fields as diverse as agriculture and water, energy (oil and gas, renewable energy), banking and insurance, transport and logistics, industry (chemicals, food and textiles), information and communication technology, and others.

Yitzhak is a research fellow in the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University and at Mitvim—The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies. He lectures frequently on Middle East economic and business issues.