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Yusri Hazran

Research Fellow, The Truman Institute at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Yusri Hazran was born in Yarka, a village in Western Galilee. He completed his studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main area of specialization is the politico-cultural history of the Fertile Crescent. His doctorate, under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Maoz, looked at complex relations of the Druze population with Lebanon from 1943 until the outbreak of the second civil war in 1975. After completing his doctorate, he received a Fulbright Fellowship and spent two years at Harvard University under the supervision of Prof. Roger Owen. Currently he is a research fellow at the Hebrew University's Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace. Hazran has published many articles on the political history of Lebanon in the Modern Age and on the political history of the Fertile Crescent in leading journals in the field. His first book, Between Resistance and Reconciliation: The Druze Community and the Lebanese State, was published in 2014.