The Global Health
Security Consortium

The Global Health Security Consortium (GHSC) provides insight, analysis and support for leaders around the world to help them deal with Covid-19 today and prepare for the health security challenges of tomorrow. It is a joint initiative of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and a team of scientists at the University of Oxford.

About the Consortium

The global response to the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the scientific, medical and policy communities that we need to work differently. Solutions have to be pragmatic, politically viable and able to scale, while accounting for sudden, novel challenges.

The Global Health Security Consortium is a new kind of partnership. We are an independent non-sovereign voice, informed by deep political and technical expertise, to support and guide leaders on the global health security agenda.

Our role in the global health security agenda includes:

  • Brokering partnerships and taking action together
  • Providing thought leadership to guide policymaking
  • Amplifying the impact of existing solutions

Latest Work

The first report from the Consortium offers a new approach to global genomic sequencing and surveillance.

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Our second report sets out an ambitious proposal to strategically vaccinate the world against Covid-19 in 2021.

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The Consortium's third report examines the vaccine absorption-capacity challenge and proposes a framework to help countries administer more doses.

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Our fourth report makes the case for using Covid-19 infrastructure to establish a global adult-vaccination programme that will combat preventable disease worldwide.

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Founding Partners

The Tony Blair Institute, under the leadership of Tony Blair, brings a global perspective on health security and an understanding of how to deliver change at a national and international level.

The Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine, under the leadership of Dr David Agus, brings deep technical expertise in tech-driven medical science, research and the intersection with health policy in the United States and abroad.

A network of researchers at the University of Oxford provides academic rigour and scientific evidence to the work of the Consortium.