Iran’s goal is to unseat Donald Trump

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Iran’s goal is to unseat Donald Trump

Posted on: 13th November 2019
Kasra Aarabi
Iran Programme Lead

Just as the founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution unseated US President Jimmy Carter through the hostage crisis in 1979, Iran’s current supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei wants President Trump ousted – and to achieve this, he wants war.

The recent spate of Iranian attacks was meant to draw the US into a military confrontation that would be unpopular with American voters. But Tehran’s recent escalation in the region should not be viewed as an act of strength. Rather, it is a veneer to divert attention from the one thing Iran’s regime fears the most: a sustained, organised domestic uprising.

Moving forward, the US must be careful not to fall into this Iranian conflict trap, but instead focus on building an international coalition against Tehran – and crucially this coalition needs Europe’s support. The only solution to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East and push back against the Ayatollah’s thirst for conflict is a united US and Europe

Read Kasra Aarabi's full op-ed in The Times of Israel.

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