Using Technology to Build Healthier Populations

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Using Technology to Build Healthier Populations

Posted on: 3rd August 2021
Henry Fingerhut
Senior Policy Analyst, Science & Innovation unit
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The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the fragility of health systems across the world. The pandemic imposed demand surges that overwhelmed system capacity while shutting traditional pathways to care.

We recently submitted evidence to the Reform for Resilience Commission, an independent, international group of health, life sciences, business, finance, and political leaders aimed at identifying gaps in pandemic preparedness and improving health system resilience following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our report, entitled Digital Transformation and the Role of Technology in Building Healthier Populations, outlines the role digital technologies play in enabling health system resilience and the importance of coordination across the research, policy, clinical practice, and industry spheres to design and implement effective technologies.

This paper recommends strengthening public sector capacity for digital health system design and implementation, increasing attention on Digital Health policy and programme implementation, and renewing a focus on translational research to ensure that digital technologies are designed in a manner that contributes to effective and safe care for all.

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