“Technology continues to redefine and reimagine how we live our daily lives. Tomorrow will belong to the countries, companies and entrepreneurs that work together to harness its power for good.”

Tony Blair
Executive Chairman and former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Realising the benefits of the technological revolution for the good of all people will only happen when leaders champion progress and embrace technology.

This means closing the digital divide, tackling the climate crisis and reforming food production, making education truly tech-inclusive, taking a radical and innovative approach to health, building trusted identity systems and giving people a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

At the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, we partner with governments, experts and innovators to bring about transformative change for all through The Tomorrow Partnership.

Our work in action

Our work delivers practical solutions to help leaders navigate difficult choices. We deploy a diverse team of experts globally, supported by our donors, principally the Larry Ellison Foundation, working with political leaders and governments to find tech solutions to their biggest challenges. We are based in several countries around the world, particularly across Africa, and are growing our programme of work all the time.

Digitised health records, with data that is secure and privacy-protecting

Oracle’s Health Management System is a cloud-based approach to managing large-scale vaccination programmes that have often been paper based. Patients can book vaccinations online and receive reminders for their next dose. Health-care workers record data and create or update unique electronic health records for every person vaccinated.

The data is stored in a secure, privacy-protecting cloud, where countries can only access their own information. Oracle has no insight into the contents of this data and has implemented a “ubiquitous encryption” programme. Users retain all ownership and intellectual-property rights to their content.

Working together in the fight against Covid-19

The system supports Covid-19 vaccine rollout, tracking immunisations and creating QR codes for “immunity passes.” Proof of immunisation will help Africa’s travel and tourism sectors to reconnect to the global community, enabling economic recovery.

A woman holds her phone displaying a digital immunity pass

How health workers in Senegal are digitising vaccine campaigns

In collaboration with Oracle, we worked with the president’s team to ensure that Senegal was one of the first sub-Saharan African countries to issue electronic Covid-19 vaccine certificates, unlocking international trade and travel.


From access to nutritious foods to the provision of vital public services, our tech partnerships are already supporting communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Capturing vital agriculture data in Kenya

Data improves food security in Kenya by helping farmers boost agricultural productivity and reduce post-harvest losses. This relies on consistent and protected data, made possible with our support to the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a data-governance framework.

Local women hold mangrove seedlings for planting on the shores of the Sabaki River.

We are changemakers

Technology has the power to transform lives. That’s why The Tomorrow Partnership is expanding its global team. Look out for opportunities to join our results-driven team as we deliver change at scale.

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